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 :) Is this posible that mikrotic server send atomatic sms to user that your package going to and.if posible then how?

Hi! and welcome... well, I think it's possible using some "macro", and an external command-line application that sends SMS. But my answer is for HFS Server, not a MikroTik server. I don't know anything about MikroTik. This forum is mainly to discuss about HFS. You should ask this question on a MikroTik support forum.

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

P.S.: I don't understand the part where you wrote "to user that your package going to". Are you using HFS on a MikroTik router? We need more information in that case, and please explain in another words "when" you want to send a SMS. Is when some user uploads a file on your HFS server?... ???

thankx :)

it sounds like he was wanting hfs to become a "sip" server to send sms text mesasges


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