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Problem with GET as ZIP and non-ascii file- and foldernames

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Hello together,

please help me with this:
When I use "GET as ZIP" for a folder name which contains for example an "ä" I can download the ZIP but the foldername inside the ZIP is not like the original it now an "õ".

It is very important, that the folder- and filenames do not change when I download them !


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HFS does not support Unicode characters, noticing that you are based in Germany, the file name does not he behave badly interpreted special characters. Rename the source file with characters from a to z only and retry the transfer.
  also perform a transfer test by changing only the extension while maintaining the original name, external influences HFS may be involved

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Mars is right, but you can try these possible solutions

1) enable Menu > other options > "OEM file names..."

if this doesn't work, set it back to disabled

2) try a different archive software. I use 7-zip for example.