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HFS not showing all files/folders

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IF you use windows "hidden" attribute and add those files and folders to HFS, HFS will not list them within a Webpage
(still access to download!)

when adding a folder to HFS, no all objects "become" add within HFS
a real folder will host what it finds when it is added....

You clears stated that  changed windows file attributes quote: " hidden and attributes files/folders but that only made one actual systemfolder"
The system folder will also not show UP!

With in HFS, right click proprieties / flags > There is also file setting for hidden...

You will have to add all the files / folder (even the hidden one) TO HFS Because you "hide the files like that"
just right click your real folder and add the items with in it....

Then you can set HFS permission for "no download / hidden etc..etc...

There are other form post that clearly show "hidden folder" specifically to "hide" them.... look them up!

no, im not using hidden files.
and you quoted me really wrong! i said that i tried to check the setting to show hidden files in HFS, and that made ONE extra folder show up. and that folder was a system folder.

so you can forget about hidden folders and attributes making the folders hide from HFS.

but actually you can forget about helping me as well. :)

people here seem to be more about telling me im doing something wrong and that the software is right, than to actually help me with the problem.
so i just gave up and ditched the software. maybe ill come back when you fixed that issue in the software.

meanwhile ill just look for some other software.


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??? whatever...

why are you trying to show hidden files if there no hidden files to show...

I can't reproduce your problem, therefore its user error....
i even gave a way to "fix it"...

so your on your own ...
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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> Two questions: Where are your shared files located? Where you have HFS installed?...

Because I've read that, locating files or programs inside "Program Files" or "Documents and Settings" folder (or any other system generated folder), can give you headaches (like strange problems) like you are having.

Try installing HFS on C:\HFS\
and sharing files from C:\TestFiles\
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