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Displaying poster art for movies

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I have searched the HFS forums for any possible ways to do this but have had no luck.

Is it possible to change the way HFS displays files? The default is just to display the files as a detailed list. Is there a way to change it to display files in a thumbnail view or grid view?

I have many movies and I thought it would look a lot better if they were displayed as thumbnail showing their poster art. I have the poster art embedded right into the file. So in windows file explorer they display by there cover art in the icons viewing mode.

Just wondering if this is possible to do in HFS

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html coding is required..

html code:
<img alt="Big Buck Bunny" src="" width="640" height="360" title="No video playback capabilities, please download the video below" />
see link:
example html:

<a title="Title the item" " href="Link to downlaod">
<img src="Link to cover art" alt="Caover are title" /></a>
Possibele if you want't only 1 pick for them all...:

if using live template
in zip folder path:
hfs live 3.0: template\blue\images\icons
blue can be either: (Blue/red/black...depends on template color picked used...)

in the file path, icon pics goes to file extension (if extension not listed, then you might have to add it to the tpl...
Other wise go to a picture, and you can edit the tpl to add/change icons
 (this make it the same on all the file type, not 1 for each individual...)

But i recommend you use the link above fill out info and html source is used below...
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Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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HFS itself doesn't offer such feature, but some templates do