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Multiple Instance of HFS

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I have a requirement to supply access to two separate area's using HFS, which will mean running two instances of HFS on the same machine.  They will both be on different ports so no conflict there, but was wondering if anyone else has run two instances and did you have any issues with it.

Many thanks

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yes that will work.
put them i different folder and use : save option - to file.

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i run multiple versions of hfs all the time, i have had 1 issues when a new release came out that the settings reset to default, so save and backup your hfs. as the updated version may not load your previous version. but will sucessfuly load a previos backup/vfs.
To help prevent taht, you can let hfs download and install but not shutdown previous option, see the menu, and have it save on close!
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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i guess you already tried to configure a single HFS to accomplish both tasks