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Could not generate corrrect link with file name contailing html entities.

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version: 2.2f build 155

A file name contailing html entities such as "abc&def.txt" cause HFS to generate wrong link .

bug #2
Some unicode characters such as  ▪  become %3F .

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using the stable and the beta builds i have never had that issue, for example, having hfs in the root of c:/webroot/hfs.exe
and a basic html page of home.html (c/webroot/home.html) coding:
<p> test </p>

in hfs right click the home/house and click add file chose c/webroot/home.html
hfs is now sharing the page:
the path would be

and or you can right click on the house (or create a new empty folder/add a real folder) and go to properties different template and paste the html code there...
The error you are recievein is either a user error or a naming error and if it is a naming error, right click it and rename it to something easier...
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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i confirm the problem.
it's with the template, and happens only if you see the page, not if you copy the link from the HFS window.
i will work on it.

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