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Extract TAR archive problem

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Hello for all. I've tried to find a similar topic at this forum but I couldn't.

My history.
I installed under windows HFS 2.2, shared folders as real ones. There was some folder structure with subdirectories. Then I downloaded folder as an archive to my mac with OSX 10.8.4. When I've tried to extract this tar archive -- I've got all files in one folder with names as 'photo/2013/me/IMG_0001.jpg' and so on... I tried to extract with command line -- the result is the same -- all files in one folder without folder structure.

I also tried to view file list from my tar archive with command line
tar -tvf photo.folder.tar
Here is the result:
-rw-r--r--  0 0      0     4083030 Jan  1  2013 photo\\2013\\me\\IMG_0001.JPG

There are double backslash in filenames.

What have I to do?

Thank you.

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