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My phone suddenly stops streaming

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Im using a HTC Windows 8s. After streaming a video for around 1 and a half minute it stops streaming and shows me how much memory I'm left with in my phone. I don't get what the problem is or why does it stop. It seems like my phone has low memory but still it more than 200mb left in it. Does my phone memory has anything to do with it? Please help asap.

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Possible answers:
1. noone else has problems with the HTC phone
2. it's a bug in your phone, NOT in HFS
3. see 2, so message is in wrong forum
4. noone cares?  ;)

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1. are you using a specific template or the default one?

2. on HFS try enabling "disconnections" by right clicking in the log panel, to see who is closing the connection.

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Its and issue with your phone, either you used up its ram and/or cashed memory to stream it,


the timeout on hfs hist with the single connection....
(see picture)

most likely its is a phone issues...

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