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Can't access HTTP from file transfer application "CORE FTP"

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I downloaded HFG version 2.2F / BUILD #155
and my objective is to assign user names/passwords to users where it connects them to a specific folder. I understand that HTTP/HTTPS could be another file transfer protocol such as FTP (which is what I am used to, FTP).

I am expecting to be able to create a user name/password, restrict it to read/write to a specific  folder within my network, and be able to send/recieve files via a file transfer application such as FileZilla or Core FTP.

First off, is this HFS application capable of doing such task?
If this is not a good suit, can someone recommend a good software for an HTTP/HTTPS/FTP server (must have HTTP)?
If this app is a good fit, what are the basic steps I need to take to accomplish what my objective is?


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^ There is a project based on HFS which incorportes FTP, which understandably is called FHFS!  (.... which I wrote  ;D )