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my opinion on the best working templates so far.

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Live 3.0.1. I personally think this the best template from rawr designs because the player works great and the buttons respond on the player. Unlike other templates from rawr where player buttons don't actually work and even the look of this template looks much nicer.
Now i was looking for a template that would look nice on my htc and ipad and would fit by auto resizing and i finally came across this template made by Mikey Xiong and i have to say it looks great after some customization has been done.
there is my opinion on the best working templates so far.

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Can you tell me how to put my own upload, archive, etc. icons located on the top right side in Live 3.0.1?

I just couldn't find them in images folder or icons folder.



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The icons for upload,achive,delete,and login etc are in the image folder but there all in one image. (screenshot below)
In my opinion the navigation buttons/icons that come with the live 3.0 template look great and would not change them.

Hope this was some help to you. :)