Author Topic: custom dynamic dns updater, filedate and filesize  (Read 1441 times)

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English post
Hi people :D

Because I had problems with, No-IP and DynDNS, I've created an account on ""
(great the feature that show an "offline" message when I'm not connected).
So, any way to obtain a custom "dynamic dns updater" script?

Other two questions:
It's possible to show out a short "datefile" format without hours, minutes and secs?
It's possible to show out "sizefile" in KB only?

Thanks in advice...

Italian post
Ciao gente :D

Dato che ho avuto problemi con, No-IP and DynDNS, ho creato un account su ""
(grande la caratteristica che mostra il messaggio "offline" quando non sono connesso).
Ecco, c'รจ un modo per creare uno script custom in "dynamic dns updater"?

Altre due domandine:
E' possibile mostrare il formato "datefile" parziale, senza ore, minuti e secondi?
E' possibile mostrare il "sizefile" solo in KB?

Grazie in anticipo...
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Re: custom dynamic dns updater, filedate and filesize
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try this custom address<User>&<Pass>