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can not be accessed from home


hi dear all,

pse help me to solve the problem.

i already installed the HFS ver 2 in my office and running well.
but unfortunately, i can not access the files from my home.

thank you for your help and assistances

point is: the computer running HFS doesn't have an internet address, while the router/modem or what's in between does.
You have to tell the router to act as a bridge, and forward requests coming from home to the right computer.

from the FAQ

- I can locally access my HFS server, but when my friend tries to access my HFS server, he gets the "Unable to connect" or "The page cannot be displayed" error. Why? 
This problem is most likely caused by a router or a firewall. If you are currently behind a network, make sure that the correct port is forwarded to your computer. (Instructions are available at .) Additionally, try disabling software firewalls, or enabling HFS server permissions, if applicable. To simplify this process, use the Self Test feature in HFS. Self Test confirms whether your HFS server is working properly, and is very trustworthy.

try use uncommon port for your HFS. don't use port 80 / 8080. some isp might block that port. maybe 23232 might works

jusst putting a post here, so i can find this again later


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