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Thunderchicken of Glory v4.0.3 - Released

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This template is in legacy support at the moment.

[new] Basic icon set, and a folder for people to put other icons named by extension, if they wish to extend the icon support.
[new] Automatic language changing, the template should display one of the 16 languages, if the browser viewing the template is in that language.
[upd] RAWR-Player v1.0.2.
[upd] Added MKV support to DIVX Web Player.
[upd] Updated macro support to meet new standards.
[fix] Search input clearing would cause a javascript error with illegal characters.

Code: [Select]
--- Available languages:
English   = en Dutch     = nl
Spanish   = es French    = fr
Italian   = it Polish    = pl
Turkish   = tr Russian   = ru
German    = de Czech     = cz
Swedish   = se Bulgarian = bg
Chinese   = cn Ukrainian = ua
Chinese Simplified   = cs
Chinese Traditional  = ct

Automatic = auto

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