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Opening more than 1 episode of hfs does not accept change of template

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I'm using hfs as a personal website & use 1 episode of it for a front page then have another episode of hfs for an expanded main page on a different port. My old version works great, on the new version, trying to change the template on the 2nd episode won't take. I paste the template for it & save it but it grabs the template from the 1st episode & replaces it. Am I missing something?

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You may need to save HFS's settings to a file (.ini) first, and put those two instances of HFS in different folders. Keep in touch if you need more help.
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you can have your second hfs point your firs hfs template files as it seems that they are sharing the some "*.css" file...

Since you are using frontpage

i would recommend to make 2 folders
(what every name - hfs1) and (What erver name hfs2)
Open you 1st hfs template and then your seconds and have the resources shared between them...
Save them in you 2 folders open earlier....

Point being is when you have the html doc ready, right mouse click an do pen in your "we browsers" the web bar path should be (c:\\%pat%\%file.html)

open both and make sure your resources/templates are loading correctly, if not fix them before moving on...


once they open correctly, in a web browser (internet explorer: file >save as >(put them to the desktop

You will have you html file and the resources it uses...

Now you have to bring the html to hfs, but now you have the templates resources so add that as a real folder and where it calls for a (picture/panel/css/resource...) change the html to the path tot he real folder...

*easier if you take the time to open the folder and add all the files so when it calls for a specific item, you highlight it in hfs and the address bar at the top has the file path need to find and load...

In the end, you need to go over what resources you second hfs is using to fix your issues...

Good luck! :)
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the easiest way is described by Leo, but an advanced user could even use the same .exe and load different ini through command line parameters