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First off, I love your http file server - suberb for sharing files between dispersed family, quick and easy. Thank you.
My I suggest another project - I would love to see a simple no nonsense multicast server for a small home LAN; multicasting mp3 and possibly mpg files. perhaps shoutcast tagged so that I can receive them with Winamp.
I know of VLC, difficult to set up, very very flaky and I have not been able to get it to work with winamp or even its own receiver.

Keep up the good work...

it's an interesting topic, though i don't need such thing.
for streaming file formats, like mpeg, you can even think of a server software who converts a TCP stream to a broadcast UDP.
then on, every client, the opposite process.

look at the shoutcast plugin from nullsoft, a winamp plugin and streaming server for mp3.


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