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--- Quote from: "Optex" ---Why MS.NET ???
It`s your choice, but I think,  Java is better than than this MS`s creatutre.
Java is more crossplatform language. And open source will understand you better. And it have all positive features of .NET and have less negative. IMHO, of course.
--- End quote ---

.net is way faster than java for gui applications, and .net IS crossplatform

--- Quote ---In general, I prefer native code. It is faster then Java byte-code and  .NET code.

--- End quote ---

Yes, it is, but it's harder to program. .net (like java) has many powerful (if not that fast) constructs that will make programs less buggy and easier to debug.

--- Quote ---I can restart program after update. It is better than to use slow and heavy software.

--- End quote ---

The update facility is not something that makes the program slower, it's a bonus from good design. Since we don't want to make one monolith program (multi-protocol, protocols optional) having a modular design enables runtime updates.

--- Quote ---&RQ written on Delphi was the best ICQ-client. Why not to make it better than it was?

--- End quote ---

Indeed it is. But Delphi is somewhat limited (imho) and since the code is kind of messy, a total rewrite is needed.

Delphi and Java is much more limited than C# or Python, just because they can't compile new sources run-time.
this is a very powerful feature and it is fundamental in my choice.

Some ideas of .net and java projects are good, but I think that it`s not time for them - not so fast hardware
Easier way`s not always right.

Delphi, python, c#, java...
where ic c++?
C++ with Qt is good, powerful instrument
or with winapi, but i dislike it, because now i using linux

.net is your choice. respect, rejetto.
I`ll never use &RQ.NET. It`s my choice.
maybe, I`ll never use .net at all

Good luck in your work

to alkimiya:
I don`t say that .net isn`t crossplatform
i know, update facility is not something that makes the program slower.
All what I want to say, that native code is faster
about design: what about plugins?

I`ll be wise and will respect your tastes and choices.
All ideas, projects etc have right to live

I afraid, that time, when programers will have very mutty ideas about programing are coming

so how is it going so far?
any luck? :)


--- Quote ---it`s not time for them - not so fast hardware
--- End quote ---
did you see client software made in C#/Python ?
i did, and it was fast.
and it is not weird in a world made of GHz.
here in italy you can buy 2GHz CPU for 50€.
this software will be stable maybe the next year, there's no real interest in supporting CPUs with less than 1GHz.
C++ is good for speed, nothing else.
To compare 2 languages/tools, you have to experience both.


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