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here is a link to the current and unstable &RQ

i think it is better to publish current sources, so you can help me fixing current bugs. ;)

the zip file contains this file readme.opensource.txt

--- Quote ---=== ABOUT OPEN SOURCE, by Massimo Melina aka rejetto

I believe "open source" is the way to get a better technology.
Nowadays I'm releasing most software i make as open source.
This was not true when I started working on &RQ.
At last I decided to publish these sources because it is something
important for most &RQ users, even though most of them don't know it.

Don't complain with me about the low quality.
I know most code in it sucks, i'm just sorry.
I delayed the release for 2 years because of it.
I don't have time/desire to rewrite it from scratch.
But you are now free to do it yourself, if you wish to.
--- End quote ---

We really should have a cvs repository for it.

Btw finally!   B)

&RQ is already registered on SF, but i'm not used to CVS
if someone wants to help me in administration...



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