Author Topic: Can't receice messages vom ICQ2003 clients.  (Read 2615 times)

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Can't receice messages vom ICQ2003 clients.
« on: August 06, 2004, 10:40:57 AM »

I recently got some problems with &RQ. ICQ2003 client users trying to send me a message end up in getting the first message through but their icq stuck up in the process of sending the second one. I asked a friend of mine, who introduced me to &RQ. He told me to unhide my I.P. adress and since that I don't have any problems with receiving messages from icq 2003 clients.
Yet my laptop &RQ is receiving messages from all clients by now, my pc &RQ still got the same problem. I assume it's due to my internet connection, I'm connected through an internal network to my university which provides the internet access. I assume that &RQ is sending my internal I.P. which would explain why ICQ2003 refuses to send any second message. But that's an assumption, I really dunno.
But I'm used to &RQ and it's comfort compared to crappy ICQ standard clients so I don't wanna change. At home with my university internet connection I'm always co-running a 2001b icq client with a different UIN to receive messages from 2003 clients.

Is there a way to get rid of that problem?


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Can't receice messages vom ICQ2003 clients.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2004, 02:54:56 PM »
showing your IP can only increase the problem, just because &RQ can't receive direct messages anyway.
you can try to copy your working configuration to the other PC.