Author Topic: HFS not able to start.  (Read 2400 times)

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Re: HFS not able to start.
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:45:24 PM »
I've been trying to isolate your error. As Leo said, your the first to submit something  on this type of error. Out courisity, are you using a remote desktop to the machine?

As your error is pulling some for remote screen mirrored. And potentially netframework errors. (Hfs doesn't rely on net framework installation, but it's worth a check)...

I'm glad you at least found a working build for the moment.

I am not using any related to remote desktop. As a matter of fact, Windows 10 Home does not even have support for RDP. I'll have an opportunity to try with another machine today, so I'll let you guys know.



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