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Re: Chat for HFS.
« on: March 07, 2019, 06:24:02 AM »
What tool are you using to view the header? I use Wireshark and chrome built in html console.
I just can see the headers of queries - in the tab "Network" in Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

My next question is are you using a xhtml doc type and file format?
No. Just HTML, javascript and XHR queries.

@username1565: Please upload and post the exactly template file you are using that gives you that error, so we can try to debug your error.
I already send it, in that jsfiddle.

Keep in mind that HFS only supports .TPL template format and it doesn't understand .PHP (it will take it like a normal .html file). So, for example, if you use 'upload.php' HFS will take it as a static page like if it was 'upload.html' and that could be the reason of this not working. That's why I've ask you if you can post here the file you are using...
That was been example code. Yeap, there is using PHP, but on another server,
and as you can see, there is working UPLOADING PROGRESS, when async=true.
Quote "POST", "", true );
If you will change this to false:
Quote "POST", "", false);
and press "Run" again,
then you can see "4", after FULL UPLOADING,
but you cann't see UPLOADING PROGRESS.
Because async = false.

Ok. After undedstanding this,
I want to tell you that
then, using that code, I changed the link to the link of my uploadable folder on HFS:
Quote "POST", "", false);
And got status OK, BUT after uploading. As you can see, async = false.

But... After trying to see progress, I changed async - to true:
Quote "POST", "", true);
And got 405 ERROR - method not allowed. No any progress. And no async=true working.

And, as I said earlier:
This all not working, if async = false, and need async = true ;)

Also, I tested this ะก# code:
client.DownloadDataAsync(new Uri(address));
And this working with HFS local URL's. Hm...
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