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Re: Translations to other languages
« on: June 26, 2017, 09:40:05 AM »
Currently, the only way to do this is modifying the source code (translating the strings directly there), and compiling again the program. It's not a very easy task (neither too difficult), since you need to have the compiler (Delphi), the additional components (listed on the source code), and there is no guarantees if something fails on compilation time (if you don't know that you are doing).

That's why, I've proposed Rejetto several times to add THIS crucial component, that would allow any end-user to easily translate HFS in any language, as simple as editing a text file and without to have to compile the program. Ask him the current status of adding this component... ;D ::)
HFS in Spanish (HFS en Español) / How to compile HFS (Tutorial)
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