Author Topic: Кирилица в названии файлов и папок при скачивании .tar  (Read 2565 times)

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I still don't understand your question. If you use "OEM file names for tar archives" does it work? If you don't use that option, does it work? Which option works best?...

Я все еще не понимаю Ваш вопрос. Если вы используете "OEM file names for tar archives", она работает? Если Вы не используете эту опцию, она работает? Какой вариант лучше работает?...

Hello LeoNeeson !
My question is about that i cant get normally working encoding for Cyrillic letters for both winrar and 7-zip.
If i download files from HFS using download all files from this folder, HFS makes tar archive.

And if i check option "OEM file names for tar archives"
7-zip 16.01 unzip contents normally, but WinRaR broke file names encoding.

If i uncheck option "OEM file names for tar archives"
WinRaR unzip contents normally, but 7-zip 16.01  broke file names encoding.

Like i show on screenshots.

I just got answer from WinRaR tech support.

Last years tar archives tend to use UTF-8 encoding for file names.

WinRAR, beginning from version 5.40, attempts to use UTF-8 for tar first. If conversion from UTF-8 fails, WinRAR switches to ANSI encoding, which is CP1251 for Russian.

As far as I know, 7-Zip also attempts to use UTF-8 for tar first.
If conversion from UTF-8 fails, 7-Zip switches to OEM encoding, which is CP866 for Russian.

There is no reliable way to detect the file name encoding in TAR, so both WinRAR and 7-Zip just take a wild guess. This time the archive was in CP866 encoding, so 7-Zip guess was correct. In case of ANSI encoding WinRAR guess would be correct. Both would be correct for UTF-8 encoding.

Beginning from WinRAR 5.40 it is possible to override the code page selected by WinRAR and specify another code page. Open this archive in WinRAR first, then open "Options/Name encoding" WinRAR menu and select "866 (OEM - Russian)". Then browse or unpack the archive.
This name encoding menu is not available in WinRAR 5.20.

If they are right its better to code names in HFS tar archives in UTF-8, and problem will be solved !

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