Author Topic: Version 2.0.x Minor Feature Requests & Bug Reports  (Read 16496 times)

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Re: Version 2.0 Feature Requests/Ideas
« on: December 01, 2012, 08:26:43 AM »
Hello, I really liked your prorama, but there are still many questions and requests.
1. copy of the screen, this error occurs every time you start, why?
2.How load on the processor?
3.Why no video support (RAWR-Player for example)
4.Bude support multiple languages​​? (eg I can translate into Ukrainian)
5.What are your plans for next?
I would like to help us fine ...

Sorry for my english translate google

Lets give this a try:

(Remember admin mode for windows users)

Code: [Select]
Fix Possibility 1 - Launch FHFS as admin and "Stop FHFS Service" then try again, Launch FHFS as admin and "Start FHFS Service"

If it issue continues try:

Code: [Select]
Fix Possibility 2 - From within Admin Panel - you might also need to reinstall "Visual C++" then "FileZilla Service" then "STunnel Service"
(Has the same issue and that fixed it.)

If it still continues check:

Code: [Select]
(For windows users)
Make sure its not installed in "Program Files x86" if so, move it to "Program Files"

If it still continues try :

Code: [Select]
Fix Possibility 4 - Needed to reinstall FHFS to fix issue. (This also happened to me if i manually changed the port numbers within FHS instead of the Admin Panel)

If it still gives issues after reinstall of FHFS:

Code: [Select]
I have no idea. Sorry we tried.
- almulder

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