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HTML & templates / Experiments
« on: April 05, 2019, 07:08:31 PM »
Here are 2 new user-interface experiments. 
I claim that they are non-working.  Tiles and Stripes are developmental status. 

They're for previewing a new user interface. 
Shows that you can build quite a few different things on top of a throwback template.

Looks like hfs.exe needs on-the-fly photo thumbnail support added, with something like a macro:  {photothumb}
In this case a basic cut-resize, could be used for speed.  Since it is 1-core, it may need a 2nd executable/dll file to handle on-the-fly thumbnails.  Indeed, a subprogram rather than a subroutine?  In this case, perhaps the {exec} macro is used.

HTML & templates / Re: Photo thumbnail template?
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:50:40 AM »
Hi.  I would like to share my family photo's, is there a template that displays the photo thumbnail views in a webpage? I've seen one that attempts to do it but looks like you have to load all your pics into another app first to create them (I have too many to mess about like that).
There is a photo version of Throwback10
It isn't a diff-template, but rather a replacement template.  It is reliable and uncomplicated.  As easy to use a phone's flashlight app.

4 jpgimagethumbs
I'm wondering how to:  Small bandwidth thumbnails with fallback using original file for thumbnails (within throwback10.tpl)?

HTML & templates / Throwback 10
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:22:17 PM »
It has file search, instant sort, a few new icons, further streamlining for speed, light colors for easy-use appearance, more filetype support, and many small refinements.  Tested on Phone and PC.  Enjoy!

This has photo 'live thumbnails' with caching header (events file goes in same folder as hfs.exe).  Instead of all photos in one folder, you can conserve bandwidth by separating photos into folders, by month, year, locale or topic.

...should I be using the downloads from the very first post in May of 2018 for this template...THIS is the post I downloaded from, am I correct?  EDIT:...Throwback9.tpl was EXACTLY what I wanted. I am so grateful.  I just wanted, plain, easy to see, easy to download, just the facts mam. I got what I wanted. Deals with a lot of older folks, this makes things even more of a snap...
Yes, that's right, finished updates are at Post#1 (because the rest of the thread is development).  And, thanks!  I'm glad you enjoy it.

Older folks might like Throwback1998 or Throwback10 even better.  Especially because you can sort by newest, making it easy to find files that you have added recently.  There's no waiting--it sorts instantly.   

Thanks! The advice on footer is excellent.

Making good progress on Throwback-X.  But, there's a question:  Should we keep the marquee? 

Questions on style are a bit more important than expected because rate of ~1200 downloads/yr for throwback templates.  I think that the large download volume has 4 causes:  Speed, ALL error pages are error-correcting pages, style is easier for end user; easy to edit. 

So, style which makes end users work better, does make that top-4 list.   
Although Throwback-X put the two branches back together, there will be 3 releases:
Throwback-X (blue-gray-white)
Throwback-X-Noir (I think that Leo will like it; and, me too)
TB10-Core (build other templates from it, not at post#1, available in the core post)

Actually, I did have two style questions:
Should anything link have underline to help the daftest of end users operate the mouse?  And, should there be the marquee to promote HFS?  Opinions requested--say anything.

Don't forget use ISO Date Format in hfs
Thank you so much.  That doesn't slow it down at all. 

It is interesting in folders with a few thousand files, that the long date appears for several seconds before becoming shorter.  Meanwhile, the HTML3 adaptive size tables keep moving and resizing until perfectly fitting the new shorter date.  This is likely if there is a long filename. 
It gets very animated.

The time I'd most like to see that, is for filling in photo thumbnails. 

Have you tried my originally version?
Change var ref=document.querySelectorAll('td:nth-child(2)') for Throwback-X
Hours of trying it.  But I couldn't get it installed right (in the template).  It did nothing.  Halp? 

@danny, do you mean time?{hour: '2-digit', minute: '2-digit'} docu PS: I added readme.txt to my last post
Yes, I'm still having trouble with the script for short date without time.  The phones do synchronous pagination behavior, like scroll, wait, scroll, wait, scroll, wait... 

This needs revised (halp?)
Can I get a version that doesn't make the phone stumble? 
Code: [Select]
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">function mdy(data) {var options={ year: '2-digit', month: '2-digit', day: 'numeric' }; var locales=navigator.language;document.write( new Date((data*24-613658)*3600*1000).toLocaleString(locales, options)); }</script>file list
Code: [Select]
<td><span class='del' data-it='%item-url%'></span></td>

for the timestamp: that's why i introduced %item-modified-dt% such format is compatible with {.time.} and you can transform it as you want.
Howabout %item-modified-date% for just the date (not the time).  Please? 

On the phone, maybe maybe a different script is needed so that the pagination behavior doesn't happen?

Very nice! :D I quickly tested and everything looks good, congrats.
Thanks!  And I have a question:  Is that date reformat script sync or async? 

HTML & templates / Re: Responsive small screen template
« on: January 20, 2019, 02:44:02 PM »
@danny, Add hfs.filelist.tpl from zip to folder, that contains hfs.exe
I had mistakenly left it in the folder made by the un-zip (the zip needs 'install-instructions.txt' added).  So, I moved the files to /hfs (same folder has hfs.exe) and the file list isn't blank.  Next:  Only icons displayed are folder and music.  Music player is missing. There's no default filetype icon. Error persistence (cache header not zeroed during error conditions).  Checkbox doesn't have action menu. There's no image thumbnails. 
I think that I have not installed it right.

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