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rejetto-crafted software / port 443 reacts differently
« on: August 15, 2006, 07:06:50 PM »
I know that port 443 normally is used for https connections. Nevertheless I experience a difference in HFS's reaction when using port 443 instead of port numbers like 80 or 8080.

I have a root with a number of virtual maps (for each user a virtual map). Within the virtual map I use other virtual maps or I attach real system directories.

Now when I browse using port 443 then I can access a user's virtual map in the HFS's root. It then shows a listing of the attached sub maps. However if I click on one of these submaps then I get an 404 HTML error page.
However when I switch to using another port like 8080 then I do not get these 404's and I am able to surf to all submaps at any level.

Is there an explanation for this?

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