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Bug reports / HFS is not working with hostname plus domain name
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:33:27 PM »

I have a strange problem with HFS 2.3m.
On my windows system I can access HFS with the following URLs:

http ://localhost
http ://<host> (onle the first part of the hostname)
http ://<ip address>

But when I enter the whole hostname including the domain like <> it doesn't work.

http ://<>
is not working.

DNS is able to resolve the full name.
In the HFS window I see that a connection is established but it looks like there is no answer from HFS for whatever reasons.
The browser tries again and again.
I see that new connections are established again and again.

What do I miss here?
Is there some setting in HFS which is needed for the full hostname?

I have tried different browsers like Firefox 64.0.2 and Internet Explorer 11.
But it is not working with the full hostname.



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