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Title: auto start
Post by: bobf on June 06, 2014, 08:10:57 PM

Is there a way to have the fhfs server auto start upon bootup? I see there's a way on the right click menu, under start/exit to run hfs when windows starts, from the system tray but it gives me an error. I'm also not sure what the difference is between hfs and fhfs...
Furthermore, It still prompts me and asks if I want to start the sever. When I click start sever is when I get the error. I've tried to put FHFS_Launcher.exe into startup but I get the same error. The Launcher exe seems to only want to run our of the FHFS root folder.

Is there a way to get fhfs sever/service 100% running on startup?

Title: Re: auto start
Post by: bobf on June 06, 2014, 08:29:58 PM
OK... I was able to create a shortcut and put that into the startup folder but it's still prompting me to hit start server. Is there anyway around this?
Title: Re: auto start
Post by: bmartino1 on June 06, 2014, 10:52:36 PM
yes, as the other "half" of fhfs is the file zilla ftp side, if you (on windows side) open contorl panel and find "administrative tools" in there is a file/shortcut to open the "windows services" (a file called "services") this is all teh services taht windows uses and turns on at startup to amke it run ie your network configigurtaion, themes, security, etc... SInces "fhfs" install filezilla, there should be a service called "fhfs" in there...

*Note ("fhfs - etc...) it says startup type manual
(this is becasue the programer behind this setup a vba script to start theses services)

(you wil have to open all "fhfs" entries and change the startup type)
*double click the entry
there is a drop down in the middel that says startup type: manual

change this to automatic or automatic delayed

reboot, at startup the fhfs ftp side should be working...

I don't use fhfs, still new to it...
(this is somethign i ran into when i began some testing...)
Title: Re: auto start
Post by: raybob on July 02, 2014, 04:32:30 AM
I thought I put an option in the administrator console to auto start FHFS on boot.  Maybe I forgot.

Anyway, there's no command line way to start FHFS (that I remember) and just starting the FileZilla service doesn't actually start FHFS.
Title: Re: auto start
Post by: bmartino1 on July 02, 2014, 02:33:45 PM
yes, indeed.. but it enables the ftp access.. from there filezila just needs to be added to the startup folder so both programs run at startup...

to be honest ray bob, i've been debating on hacking away at your template and moving it to a secondary project with 2 programs that had a ftp side "gui" so i would also have the programs "command line options".. in which the service enabled would also start the ftp program...
(haven't started and is not on my list of things to do, as since hfs handles a similar form of ftp file sharing and i'm able to brign it to https.. i see no uses for having a ftp side program...

I do appreciate your work and scripts you have put into it as i'm interested in how you had your temples setup and experimenting with them trying to get one of my projects started.

thank you RayBob! :)
Title: Re: auto start
Post by: raybob on July 14, 2014, 10:15:43 PM
I take it back.  I looked at the source and if you run the launcher from the command line with --start on the end, it should start the server and exit the GUI.  Try that.