Author Topic: Live 3 With Delete, Rename, New Folder, and Change User Pass  (Read 23872 times)

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OK, with some wor and fidleing, (mostly seaching the form for the files

I have put together a waorking version of live 3.0 and teh template here to bring live the rename etc funtions

you can donwload the files (everything) from my google drive:

please extract the zip files to root of c:


*how to

using the live 3.0 template (fond archive via post that had all files
(edited all tempaltes to add / change header info)

in advance mode change file to live 3.00

exctarct the new contens file (all in zip folders under tempalte folder under my full working config)
and dragg teh tpl live 3.-full to the home icon in hfs (the install template optiong will appear

*thats it... a folder with login credentail will activate the hfs program

sorry took so long, fianly got back to a workign pc to do this :P
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I'm only trying to help i mean no offense.
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