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Copied from my server, in the zip are, events, ini, template.   

You'd need to load your filesystem.vfs and user accounts.
If on a home connection, you'd need to set custom port and dns updater (probably).
The events file enables caching.
In the ini file, there's whatever settings I've used for efficiency
In the ini file, connections-per-user set to 8 and total is 40 (these are set too high; certainly higher is unnecessary)

The point is:  There is no memory leak in this zip file or HFS 2.3k.
So, you can isolate to see if the problem is your windows box or hfs. 
Don't forget the zip file (attached).  There are 2 downloads HFS299 and the zip file too.

See the automatic error-handler in the Throwback templates--You can set connection limits; and, when over the mark, users Don't see the standard 'it has death' messages, but Instead there is auto-queue which doesn't cause support phone calls.  Feel free to lower the connection limits as defense against abusive download manager software. 
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