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Author Topic: Donate your Time for translate  (Read 8697 times)

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Donate your Time for translate
« on: March 22, 2019, 05:55:02 PM »
HFS 2.3m #300 r12 for translators

Hi everybody !

I appeal to those who would be interested to help me
to translate my release of hfs:

- In Spanish language
- In Italian language
- In Chinese language
- In Russian language

Languages ​​are pre-translated (translator toolkit) in the release I post below.
Some strings are very poorly translated with this method, others well translated.

But I think that with this method, finally, we save time.

How to do :

- You launch / run hfs.2.3m_300_r12_trad.exe
- The files to translate are in the following folders:

Spanish language    "locale\es\LC_MESSAGES\default.po"
Italian language    "locale\it\LC_MESSAGES\default.po"
Chinese language    "locale\zh\LC_MESSAGES\default.po"
Russian language    "locale\ru\LC_MESSAGES\default.po"

I advise you to use Poedit to edit these files.

Open the choosed default.po file in poedit as a continuation of a translation.
You correct / translate strings.
You save file and run hfs.2.3m_300_r12_trad.exe to test your work.

Once your translation is finished, send it to me by email or on the frorum
After verification, I will include it in the next releases.

Don't use this release as a work server ... especially in languages ​​not yet finalized.

Updated 22-04-2020

Little mistake on release uploaded... please re-download it. Sorry
POT file :


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