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Author Topic: The Throwback (retro) template. With large folder and mobile support.  (Read 56504 times)

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Updated for even more speed.
« on: May 12, 2018, 10:34:57 AM »
P.S. My other project is  Picture this, you're at your pc, your phone messenger goes off (facebook, hangouts, whatsapp), and do you go get it to type on the little screen if the battery permits, or do you go to, click once and enjoy the full size keyboard?  Peek under the hood (view source) and check the code.  That another case of "looks simple, after it is done" and that all fits in just 24k.
That was fast! opening was blazing fast (I see you've encoded icons in Base64 to speed things up, nice trick). I really miss those good old days where every website was almost as fast as that. But on these days, only checking emails via webmail, could take 1.5MB at best (and all thanks to WebFonts and JavaScript libraries). Thanks God there is still POP3/IMAP to check emails, but for all the rest, I get used to overload my browser to view just a simple website. And the same happens with software and games, everything it's made to make our PCs slow without sense. That's why I love HFS, because it's small enough to be a full featured-packed program.

Anyway, I do that remoting task myself, not with a web server, but with tightvnc (or realvnc) on the server and bvnc on the phone.
Thanks, I'll have a look to bVNC (it looks good).

That's a server-side script, possibly ajax? I don't know how to do that.
Don't worry. I'll leave the question open if someone else knows what server-side script (macro) use.

Revised to double the speed.  Updates at post#1 and 2. 
Good work! :)
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