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Re: Translations to other languages
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:20:43 PM »
WHOAA!!! Finally!! I can't believe it! :D

IT WORKS!! It was worth the wait! I will make some more tests now, and give you a file translated to Spanish in the next few hours or tomorrow (and sorry I didn't check the emails yesterday).

Congrats! :)

> EDIT: It will take me a few days to complete the spanish translation, but every seems to work correctly. If anyone wants to start translating to another language, be sure to use a text editor that supports UTF-8, and not ANSI like the Windows's default notepad. The best editor to get this done is Notepad++ (Choosing from the menu: Encoding > Encode in UTF-8, and from: Language > I > INI file), and then starting translating everything after the "=" symbol, taking care of not breaking anything. If anyone has another freeware utility to edit the file, feel free to leave the suggestion here. Thanks again Rejetto!, I'm very happy to see this added! :D I'm sure all the HFS comunity is also happy!
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HFS in Spanish (HFS en Español) / How to compile HFS (Tutorial)
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