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Author Topic: After changing the external address, the server is unavailable. I ask for help!  (Read 3073 times)

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okay, from the looks of things (your router is at fault).

first wifi will generate more unnecessary traffic, the pc hosting should be lan wired connected. (this is not your issues, nor is drivers)
Second rejeto is unable to 100% fix the builtin test option on hfs. that message box is a lie. (clearly as you have had connections) and i have that fail on my properly configured routing

third (potential solution)
verify that your network adapter is static-ly set to the ip address for your port forwards: you have (according to your router via picture)
view this post here for some more info:

my suggestion is to change the nat routing in the router (as your isp could be blocking port 80)
so to test hfs change port to 8080
in the router port forwards change 80 in both staring and ending to 8080

test you connection either from a proxy site or pc not apart of your network. http://you no ip

if it works great

to bring it back to port 80 change the start port in the port forwarding of the router
(the first port box) to 80

it is my belief that either your pc ip is not static and is not staying to the ip required to port forwarding, or your router is at its EOL (end of life) as there are not meant to last 3-5 years...

als, you seem to have set hfs to a dns name ( if you hav routing setup correctly, and no the advance features of that side, then i would recommend it.
*I would ask you to either rest hfs or change the ip it connects to to the ip address not the dns name (as that is configured elsewhere and is not apart from hfs at this time.)

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