Author Topic: Google Ad Sense w/ RAWR Design Templates???  (Read 13469 times)

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Re: Google Ad Sense w/ RAWR Design Templates???
« on: September 29, 2016, 06:03:17 AM »
I've never herd of those sites or "protection" blacklist based ..
its clear that the user or previous IP person who had you IP was using it for spamming, as i can contest to see the 60. x.x.x address schema on known "blacklists"...

The blacklist had to of started from that etc person... But thats what we get with dynamic ips...


also, i agree that the next best solution would be a tunneler, i personally like ngrok.
pagekite was introduced when they first came out/up with it when it was posted to the forum, and I can contest to that working

It was kinda being a beta tester to that software with HFS..., what i found was a bunch of unwanted/unneeded ports opened (that stayed open i guess security or other setting could change or fix it...)... using tcp, it creates it own packet that contain the tunnel info and once a tunnel is up , communication to the pc through the tunnel is up. pagekite calls them kites... the kite is activated on another pc out on the interwebs there..., your pc is contacted via that server and then sends tunnel info to the client to connect.

It like a ftp passive port trigger of different ports that open the conection for the sites.
with is why i prefer ngrok as you can demo it for free(as pagekite went form free to donation/ paid service.... :( ):

Good luck in your endourvs and solider on :P
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