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Author Topic: Google Ad Sense w/ RAWR Design Templates???  (Read 15031 times)

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Re: Google Ad Sense w/ RAWR Design Templates???
« on: September 29, 2016, 04:30:21 AM »
Hi!, sorry, I've had very little free time yesterday to check the forum, and I see your website is currently 'unreachable'. I guess you live in USA (by looking your IP), and what happened is not good... :-X

I have no idea why this happened, the only thing different I've done lately is register with these ad sites so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.. Apparently I've been reported for 'spamming'.
Arghhh!, sorry to disappoint you (if you are a Google fan), but I bet a million bucks that GOOGLE was the reason of all this! :( If you remember well, THEY were who first rejected your website for AdSense, and it's VERY likely they have reported your website to those blacklists companies (Google can even report your ISP!).

Here are the 3 companies online that have me on their blacklist. I'm so frustrated with this right now, I'm not taking the time to go through whatever process they want to remove me from the list
My personal recommendation is NOT to follow their game. I personally can live without Google and all their bullsh*t. There are plenty of options everywhere for every online service, and that's why I'm constantly looking for alternatives to avoid things like this. If you follow their game, you are making feel them even more 'important' than they really are (yes, they are very relevant, but are not essential, and you can at least make them clear you don't need them). I may sound 'tough', but this kind of things piss me off, because the Internet belongs to all the people.

I'll change my external IP and solider on (for now)
If you can't change your IP, or if this happens again, the only solution I see to this situation (without following their game of 'unlisting' your IP), is using a service like PageKite. How this works? You keep using your HFS program normally, and PageKite makes a 'bridge' between your server (running HFS) and your Public IP (which is currently blocked). And instead of exposing your IP, PageKite becomes your Public IP.

PageKite comes in an easy ('Pay What You Want') service, or as an open source Python script to advanced users. But to run it for free, you need an unrestricted internet connection, different to your current connection (ideally from another ISP), which needs to be an always turned on system, since that PC would become your 'face' to the world (I mean, your Public IP address).

But in your particular case, and if you don't have other connection available, PageKite offers this 'bridge' (or tunneling) solution, at a very reasonable price of $36 USD for 12 months of service with 130 GB of transfer quota. Check the website and see if you can pay for it, or you would try to run the Python script on another PC with another internet connection (may be a PC from some friend or family). But I really don't have any experience on how to configure this script.

Well, keep in touch with any progress you make on this. ;)
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