Author Topic: Replacing RAWR Templates' player with HTML 5 or VLC player?  (Read 6725 times)

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ok... then i would recommend a vlc stream server:

ok h.265 is aviable via codec:

overview - setup:

you can also tie in the vlc web player into hfs.....

at that point hfs would need the codec defined...
mimetype info:

etc file format > video/hevc
Code: [Select]
*.mkv > video/hevc
You may also need to call the source codec:

Code: [Select]
<source src='url' type='mime/type; codec="codec-name"' />
will look into getting a file and test with the video player html and get back to you, this seems easily done with defining the mimetyoe and teling the html source to use x codec...

call html call vlc web plugin:

I'm only trying to help i mean no offense.
thank you for your time and patience,

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