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Author Topic: Copyright in sharing music?  (Read 3650 times)

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Re: Copyright in sharing music?
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:58:29 AM »
@bmartino1: You're like a dictionary, lol. :P Long, but good answer.
Anyway, all this 'legal' explanation is outside the scope of this forum, IMHO...

@Markie: About this matter, HFS is not different than OwnCloud, or any other software that let you host your files by yourself. Nevertheless, I recommend you to always stay legal and keep safe, by only sharing music without copyright (Royalty free).

If you like to share music, and want to be 100% safe, you can find music files in, and many other similar places. If you are in doubt about this, it's better to use, instead of having troubles with your ISP (since they may send you a 'DMCA notice', if you live in USA).

Code: [Select]

Royalty free music:

It's all I have to say about this (since copyright is an endless topic). There are literally thousands of threads on internet talking about copyright. Personally, I'm more a freedom believer, than a copyright guy. So, if you have any technical issue with HFS, or any other question about any other topic, just ask... ;)
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