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« on: August 28, 2015, 08:57:54 PM »

Screenshots album:

This template is only intented to watch online content ala Netflix.

Be warned that this template is really personalized.
It will not work properly if you don't customize it with your series and follow some rules with the naming structure of the movie folder.

Sorry for my english and the shitty Javascript code, but it works ;)


You'll need 2 root folders:
- Movies
- Series


Movie folder structure:
/Movies/Movie_Folder (Year)/Movie_Title.mp4     <-- Movie in .mp4
/Movies/Movie_Folder (Year)/ <-- English subtitles
/Movies/Movie_Folder (Year)/ <-- Spanish subtitles

* Subtitles
The movie player supports (JW Player 7) supports different subtitles.
I've added support for english and spanish languages and I've made english subtitles as default (you can change it easily or add new languages in the template).

All the movie posters are grabbed from automatically.
Therefore, you'll need to name your movie folder the same way as the image of the movie poster in
For example (pay attention to uppercase/lowercase in movie title):
/Movies/american ninja 2 the confrontation (1987)/American.Ninja.2.The.Confrontation.1987.720p.BluRay.x264.YIFY.mp4
/Movies/american ninja 2 the confrontation (1987)/
/Movies/american ninja 2 the confrontation (1987)/

The movie info is grabbed from automatically.

Customize movie posters or weird titles:
Take a look at urlcaratulamovie function in template. For example...
if (moviemod==="Alien_DC") url = baseurl + "Alien_1979_Dir_Cut";
else if (moviemod==="Alien_Resurrection_DC") url = baseurl + "Alien_Resurrection_1997_Special_Edition";
else if (moviemod==="Alien_3_DC") url = baseurl + "Alien_3_1992_Special_Edition";


* Banners
I've downloaded the series banners from and moved them to icons folder with the same naming.
You can make the template grab automatically from changing the template (I've downloaded them to /icons because fails too much...):
function urlcaratulaserie(serie) {
   var base="/icons/";
function urlcaratulaserie(serie) {
   var base="";

Then you have to add your series manually in the template, with the series name and the banner image filename:
   switch(serie) {
      case "Better Call Saul": url="273181-g3"; break;
      case "Daredevil": url="281662-g6"; break;
      case "Dragon Ball Super": url="295068-g5"; break;

The player will only work with mp4 files.
To convert your mkv to mp4 you can create 2 .bat files:

.mkv with DD2.0 audio to .mp4 (no reenconding):
for %%a in ("*.mkv") do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -c:v copy -c:a copy "%%~na.mp4"

.mkv with DD5.1 (AC3) audio to .mp4 (it reencodes the audio to aac 384k with the same number channels)
for %%a in ("*.mkv") do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -strict experimental -c:v copy -c:a aac -b:a 384k "%%~na.mp4"

The control bar of the player is set to width 99%, so you can move your pointer to your right lower corner in fullscreen.


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