Author Topic: Some Router Info for Newbies or Not So Newbies  (Read 4760 times)

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Re: Some Router Info for Newbies or Not So Newbies
« on: February 18, 2015, 06:19:32 PM »
Regarding the HOSTS file solution, the inability to use your Public Domain Name or Public IP Address is due to a common bug in the router software - what I documented as the Source NAT problem.  Some routers allow in their GUI what is called NAT Loopback or Hairpin NAT - some don't.  By specifying these options in the GUI, they generate a Source NAT rule that allows you, as it should, to specify your Public IP/Domain Name.  Some don't - which is a bug, period.

The HOSTS solution - the problem with it is that you have to remember to add the line/remove the line depending on where your portable device is connected.  This may be the only way to do it, other than using the HFS computer's Private IP Address when your device is on the same network at the HFS computer.

Try finding your Router's GUI option first; if not, try to find if your router s/w will allow you to manually specify a Source NAT rule.  If not, your router s/w has a bug (many do), in which case, you can either use the HOSTS solution as you have documented, or create two icons - one opening your browser to your public IP / Domain Name - calling it HFS Server- External Access, and to your HFS Server computer Private IP Address - calling it HFS Server - Internal Access.  About half of the available home router's s/w allows specifying NAT Loopback in its GUI.  Most after market router s/w has this option - Tomato, DD-WRT and the one that I'm running - Endian (running on a previously retired low power computer).  Source NAT is the proper method. 

Rant - its amazing the "forced bugs" that many home router manufacturers force upon us.  Due to their specifically refusing to support WOL (Wake On LAN) - we can't remotely wake up our computer (saving electricity) remotely, and NAT Loopback, for two - there are others.  Rumor has it that if you want these "features" (one line of code in their software!!!), you have to buy their commercial routers $$$$$.

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