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this is easily be done changing the template.
you already have a counter, and is %item-dl-count%

so, for the [file] you have to change
<a href="%item-url%">

<a href="%item-url%?%item-dl-count%">

I tested this solution (using default template) by right clicking on the root, properties, diff template, and pasting this
Code: [Select]
<tr class='{.if|{.mod|{.count|row.}|2.}|even.}'><td>
        <input type='checkbox' class='selector' name='selection' value="%item-url%" {.if not|{.or|{.get|can delete.}|{.get|can access.}|{.get|can archive item.}.}|disabled='disabled'.} />
{.if|{.get|is new.}|<span class='flag'>&nbsp;NEW&nbsp;</span>.}
{.if not|{.get|can access.}|<img src='/~img_lock'>.}
<a href="%item-url%?%item-dl-count%"><img src="%item-icon%"> %item-name%</a>
{.if| {.length|{.?search.}.} |{:{.123 if 2|<div class='item-folder'>{.!item folder.} |{.breadcrumbs|{:<a href="%bread-url%">%bread-name%/</a>:}|from={.count substring|/|%folder%.}/breadcrumbs.}|</div>.}:} .}
{.123 if 2|<div class='comment'>|{.commentNL|%item-comment%.}|</div>.}

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