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Re: Started as system
« on: February 15, 2014, 03:42:02 AM »
I'm still not understanding your problem, it sounds like, to me that you are using a machine to remote in to your HFS machine, but when you remote you don't have GUI access...
So you are probably issung windows server core (or linux distro) which doesn't have a gui interface... windows and "rpc" into cmd.. as you state {I run HFS due to "a system of remote control". }

HFS is a GUI windows executable that is not meant to be used with out a gui, it is possible, and hard to do it that way...
As rejeto stated in other forums, hfs is a macro based windows executable...

How are you running it as the default "system user" to begin with, system doesn't have "default user" login rights, if you have issues opening and running a program in windows you needed to check your file/program permsions ( )

how to change in windows 7 gui...

To help us help you, please try to add as much detail including screen shots.

detail such as how you are remote-ing to your hfs machine, what is the machine operating system is HFS running on, how you are launching HFS... what program or protacal are you using to remote in, ie, http/ssh/rdp/ssl...

And ultimately what you are trying to accomplish form what i gather hfs for you is running as the default local "nt authority" system user , which isn't a human user, it is the windows OS machine user and is used for
( )

to run the program as a different user require that the file/program has the users permissions...

there are no known comand line switch for HFS, that is a question for REJETO  ( i don't know of any "HFS" comand line switch or if there even are any, the power of this progrma is in the GUI ) i know default windwos and some linux switch that can help run the program...


hfs is located at c:/webroot/hfs.exe

i want to run this program with a specfic user / admin rights...

cmd comand line would be:
( )

batch script---
cd \
cd webroot
runas /noprofile /user:Administrator hfs.exe

i apologize for the inconvenience, it looks like rejeto and myself do not understand your issue and I would like to help you as much as i can.
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