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Author Topic: How to hide delete account option  (Read 2671 times)

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Re: How to hide delete account option
« on: January 08, 2014, 07:54:14 PM »
Rejetto, that looks like the web interface for fhfs, i've been working with it all day so it caught my eye!

Lucky, it looks like you have installed a kind of a modified version of hfs called fhfs, there is a sub forum here for support for fhfs which is where this should have probably been posted. 

I was bored at work so I took a look and found where that 'delete my account' code is located in the html document.  Go to where the files for fhfs are installed, find "footer-new", open it with notepad and find the line that says "<a href="/~delete-confirm" class="footlink" style="margin:4px; ">Delete my Account</a>

Delete that line and save, and that should remove the delete my account option from the footer.  There will still be one of those seperating vertical lines, there so it won't look as pretty, but if you want, you can play around with the code to see how to remove it.

*Disclaimer* I don't work with rejetto or raybob, and have very limited experience with html, so make sure to make backups, and change the code at your own risk! Also, there very well may be some administrator option somewhere to do this easily without modifying html code...

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