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Author Topic: HFS including SSl tools  (Read 122096 times)

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Re: For testing purpose (HFS including SSl tools)
« on: October 19, 2014, 07:56:51 PM »

standrd security softwaer i use has also flagged it, i added the exception and i haven't seen any other "malicious activity"... goe throught the steps and diagnos form there on your own:

(although, i agree with leo on this, if previous builds that he had that also used the UPX didn't become detecable... then why our AV now saying its bad?...)

Securty along with otehr etc...
Mcfaee enterprise 8.8 / windeows defender/security essentials...

check it out with file anyleer...
Other downloads

Still available: Spybot – Search & Destroy® 1.6.2 (free for private use), MD5 sum: 54ACBA9CFD7154C02CEACF6310CF3CFA
Manual detection updates for Spybot – Search & Destroy® 1.x, MD5 sum: 346d342f1b116793653f8927a44ea47e
FileAlyzer© a tool to analyze files, MD5 sum: D670C0B28E93941AD2FFB774DB271486
RegAlyzer© our tool to view and edit the registry, MD5 sum: CCC654117573A0FB7A1EE7FBB267D1DD
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