Author Topic: HFS including SSl tools  (Read 117120 times)

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Re: For testing purpose (HFS beta including SSl tools)
« on: May 15, 2014, 11:37:55 AM »
instead of fixing the link, if you chose to do so, go here to download the patched version:

copy the 2 dll files and the openssl.exe file to the place where openssl is located and tada, you are no longer vulnerable...

silentplz this version of openssl doe not include fips mode thoses using fips mode with hfs will have to recreate you ssl certificates with the fips check box unchecked!

Running this version and fixed with the download link above!

This doesn't work. Those files get overwritten every time you run hfs. And making them read-only crashes stunnel. We'll just have to wait until SilentPliz releases a patched version.
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