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Author Topic: HFS including SSl tools  (Read 120348 times)

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HFS including SSl tools
« on: March 17, 2012, 04:51:00 PM »
22-04-2020 HFS 2.3m #300 r12 is online.

Options > new tab 'User Configuration' (new feature by Mars, thanks to him ;) )

-  At the request of several users (Danny, Leo, etc):

Main Menu > Debugging options > Disable external services (not recommended) > Deactivate IP_SERVICES_URL

Main Menu > Debugging options > Disable external services (not recommended) > Deactivate SELF_TEST_URL

- Correction of 2 small bugs in hfs: no more duplicates in 'Customized Addresses' and when deleting a DDNS account, the password is now also deleted from the configuration.

Added in ipservices.txt:

HFS 2.3m #300 r12:



Hello everyone!

I propose a release of HFS, including Stunnel and OpenSSL
(creation of OpenSSL certificates and HTTPS (TLS) communication via Stunnel)

The builds of HFS that are used are based on the "French" stable/beta releases 2.3 #xxx
based on the officials stable/beta releases 2.3 #xxx of rejetto.

stunnel versions are: 5.xx FIPS 32 bits and 5.xx 64 bits without FIPS
These releases of HFS are bilingual English / French (other languages are ​​possible - translators, please contact me ;) ).

Setup is easy

Expert mode > TLS settings tab > push TLS button ... fill in the relevant fields (some hints are there to help you) and click "Build settings and run Stunnel".

The default template of these releases is in French language, but several templates are included in English language :

HTML templates
> Templates included in HFS > choose ...

Groups are created when you load a template ... they are used to manage more finely users rights.

See the tab "Users Accounts".

I haven't much time to make a longer message, for now ... I still hope this is clear enough.

I count on you to let me know if it works or not on your systems (Windows versions).

Thank you in advance for your comments.  :)
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