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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Send text file over http
« Last post by celica on Yesterday at 06:07:03 PM »
Yes, I'll do that.
Whats weird is it should send the image (which it does) and a text file depicted the event status.

You can see below the image gets received fine but no text file.
I wonder is the "Requested GET" is it atttempting to send the text file.

6:59:53 PM Uploading a60dd80b-db6d-4dbe-becb-c057c5d86ffa_1_original.PNG
6:59:53 PM Fully uploaded a60dd80b-db6d-4dbe-becb-c057c5d86ffa_1_original.PNG - 210.9 K @ 4.9 MB/s
6:59:53 PM Requested GET /aos/
7:01:45 PM Requested GET /aos/
7:01:50 PM Requested GET /aos/
Beta / Re: version 2.4
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 05:53:13 PM »
under firefox the file name is truncated from the semicolon when download it,
on the other hand this phenomenon is not present with hfs 2.3m
Beta / Re: version 2.4
« Last post by NaitLee on Yesterday at 05:15:25 PM »
Files with commas in its name cannot be downloaded in Google Chrome, with the error ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION.

In most other servers this is an already-solved problem. Please refer to here in Stack Overflow for the solution.
Programmers corner / Re: 2.4 log font
« Last post by NaitLee on Yesterday at 04:33:29 PM »
The font problem already exists in non-Unicode versions like 2.3m.

It seems that this should not be considered as a true problem, since actually Tahoma does not support Japanese(have a view in Character Map, search it beside Start Menu), and HFS needs to switch fonts to correctly show file names.

Now the problem is: How to switch the font back after chunk of Unicode characters in filenames.
  (log type strings are not affected, according to the log's behavior with the new Chinese translation file.)

Another Unicode problem bro ;)

  (N)SimSun ((新)宋体) are ancient serif fonts that support most East Asian characters. But they're pixelified when texts are small.
  MS (P)Gothic is for Korean(Japanese), they are sans-serif, but old too.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: 4K screens problem
« Last post by rejetto on Yesterday at 04:14:30 PM »
my first move was to spend some time to make at least an initial support, but the result was not good enough, so I went for a workaround because i have little time now that i started working full time again.
It's good to know that your version has proper support, I may get the chance to study the diff one day.
I can't say how much time I will be able to spend in the future, but now the project is "more" open source and anyone can contribute in an easier way.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Send text file over http
« Last post by rejetto on Yesterday at 03:59:13 PM »
if the requests will always come from
you can set a ban rule like this: \
the initial \ will allow only that address to make requests.
I would consider this secure enough.

Menu > limits > bans
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: 4K screens problem
« Last post by Rapid on Yesterday at 02:57:53 PM »
And again, it's not so hard to add HiDPI suppport to HFS.
I'm using 4k laptop for many years, and my build compiled with multimonitor HiDPI support (PerMonitorV2)
Main changes only in progFrmLib

And I hope you will add bigger icons (at least 32x32)  :)
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Send text file over http
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 02:47:31 PM »
i don't know if HFS will be good for you, but you can try.
the first step to allow upload is to give upload permission.
if it is trying to upload to folder "aos" you will have to have this folder in the "virtual file system",  right-click, properties, upload, anyone.
Anyone is not good for security but it is a good start to see if it works.

The protocol it uses to send out is HTTP so i have to provide it a URL for which to send.
Would HTTP File Server work for this if I give it the IP?

it is therefore possible to authorize an on upload account for the real file and to integrate user and password in url

otherwise according to the method of sending data, if they can be done in text mode and not binary, then as much integrate them either in the url or in the form of a form.

for security reasons this data would be processed in a specific section placed in a diff template of the folder hidden in the tree structure, the data processed by the script may be saved after appropriate processing in one or more files as required with names different

the folder can also be protected in access, for only the previous account and the persons authorized to deal with it, thus preserving any risk of intrusion by an anonymous person
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Send text file over http
« Last post by rejetto on Yesterday at 01:21:24 PM »
i'm glad.
i see that you are in a LAN, so if you know that your server is not accessible via internet you may consider to leave the 'anyone', if you trust your LAN users.

to know if the server is accessible iva internet you can use the Menu>self test.
If it fails then you work only in LAN.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Send text file over http
« Last post by celica on Yesterday at 01:18:28 PM »
You're a genius, this has worked

2:13:34 PM Uploading b87e2514-6eb7-4966-abc7-8d03c8c3bc97_1_original.PNG
2:13:34 PM Fully uploaded b87e2514-6eb7-4966-abc7-8d03c8c3bc97_1_original.PNG - 194.7 K @ 918.4 KB/s
2:13:39 PM Requested GET /aos/
2:13:41 PM Uploading 13b817ff-53a4-4aa8-ba02-b0bcd5db84ef_1_original.PNG
2:13:41 PM Fully uploaded 13b817ff-53a4-4aa8-ba02-b0bcd5db84ef_1_original.PNG - 128.0 K @ 4.8 MB/s
2:13:41 PM Requested GET /aos/