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is the whole content of the vfs part of the exe tree? if this is the case, when hfs is executed from a usb key (removable media) then the used drive letter assigned to the key is automatically taken into account

can you tell me which version of hfs you use for these computers?
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Get Connections
« Last post by bmartino1 on November 11, 2019, 06:06:07 PM »
i remember something with the hfs log and macro ...

something like macro command 
append %ip%

might have to become an hfs event
like syslog watch dog

Append log.txt %time% %ip%

something like that...
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Get Connections
« Last post by newbie on November 11, 2019, 05:55:33 PM »
Sorry. I am back. I cannot depend on netstat -a anymore.
The machine is going to be host to numerous other servers, and I want to be able to filter out the non-HFS connections.
I'm thinking of collecting the IPs when the clients make the first initialization call to HFS, and removing the IP when the client disconnects.
Unless you'all know of something better.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Deploy HFS configuration across various machines
« Last post by newbie on November 11, 2019, 05:51:47 PM »
Thanks bmartino1.

But the idea is to avoid any manual step like that...the idea is to start HFS as a service, and whatever's in the tpl (including real folder, permissions etc.) should just take effect, and start on many servers.

However, I did DO something similar, TBH. I started HFS, then manually set the permissions via the Properties page, then saved to a .vfs.
Now, I use this vfs across the various machines to start HFS on them automatically.
Downside is that the path (and thats the full path) is baked into the vfs, so I have to take care that the same drive, folder exists across all the machines.
The above process is working right now, but prevents me from truly running it completely automatically .
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Deploy HFS configuration across various machines
« Last post by bmartino1 on November 08, 2019, 08:21:14 PM »
have you tried RMC(right mouse click) the house/root within hfs.

RMC > Properties > Different template tab

and pasting the myhfs.tpl code with the permissions you need.

then save the vfs file?
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Deploy HFS configuration across various machines
« Last post by newbie on November 05, 2019, 05:53:44 PM »
Anybody else have any thought as to how I can set permissions ....
cause the following in my tpl isnt working...

{.set item|myData|add access=robert.}
{.set item|myData|add upload=robert.}
{.set item|myData|add delete=robert.}

This has turned into a blocker for me.

HTML & templates / Re: Responsive small screen template - addon
« Last post by dj on November 01, 2019, 08:28:22 AM »
halloween has enchanted the date  :-[
show relative date as yesterday

you should add this.onerror=null; otherwise you can get endless loops. Retry-After could help too

Menu > debug > run script to restore default settings (after switching from Throwback to Default tpl)
Code: [Select]
{.set ini|use-system-icons=yes.}{.set ini|tray-icon-for-each-download=yes.}{.set ini|max-ips=0.}{.set ini|max-connections=0.}{.set ini|max-ips-downloading=0.}{.set ini|max-contemporary-dls=0.}{.set ini|enable-fingerprints=yes.}{.set ini|send-hfs-identifier=yes.}{.set ini|support-descript.ion=yes.}{.set ini|tray-instead-of-quit=no.}{.set ini|load-single-comment-files=yes.}{.set ini|hints4newcomers=yes.}{.set ini|save-totals=yes.}{.set ini|tray-shows=download.}{.set ini|flash-on=download.}{.set ini|browse-localhost=yes.}{.set ini|max-connections-by-ip=0.}
autoban addon  "Uploaded by" add [upload completed] event with blue text and show comments

changelog: improved picviewer (hide header)
slideshowV2 repeats and reloads (photoframe)
Thank you very much!!!
I have re-uploaded Throwback 12 files, with a replacement [nofiles] section: 
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.%connections% < 50.}|{:{.if|{.get|can upload.}|{:<table class="lil" width="100%" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><tr><td align="center"><a href="%encoded-folder%~upload" class=inbtn><b><font color="green">&#8679;&nbsp;Upload Files</font></b></a></td></tr></table>:}.}:}.}
{.if|{.match|*recursive*|%url%.}|{:<a href="%encoded-folder%" style="text-decoration:none;color:yellow"><br>&#8678; Back</a>:}|{:<a href="../" style="text-decoration:none;color:yellow"><br>&#8678; Back</a>{.if not|%user%|{:<a href="%encoded-folder%~login" style="color:lightgray;float:right">Log in &#8680;</a>:}.}:}.}
This new replacement section gets the right target with dynamic links (no refresh).  Thanks for the ideas!!

P.S.  If you populate the virtual file system, VFS, with files folders, etc. . . then you won't see the nofiles page, except for empty-folder or search-not-found.  Perhaps add a link (in the VFS) to where your files are located; and, if that is a password protected area, then login prompt is automatic.
If someone need the fantastic Throwback template with these little changes:
a) put some headers to try to obfuscate the site from google's bot and similar
b) Put the Login-Text near the "sign-in"-button (i think its more readable)
c) Modified the HTTP FS <marquee> with my own useful site (i use Emby as media server, so i put the link to it)
c bis) search "yoursite" to modify
d) Added a line in [no files] section (that is active when there are no accessible file in directory, in my case when nobody is logged too) that do the refresh on page only if in the url name there is "recursive" word that it's in the address every time u do a search. The nice thing is that if your search is TRUE, u automatically will be out [no files] section, so the refresh script will not start :D

I hope could be useful for someone :)
Ok, i think i'm really near to my objective :D
I found the line that causes page-refresh, now i wanna that this line (better to say script) is executed only if i'm not in a Specific Page. This is the code i have, i didnt understand really good if statements in this tpl language, what i can modify? (Really thanks in every case!!)
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.%connections% < 50.}|{:<table class="lil" width="100%" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><tr style="font-size:7pt">
<td align="left"><form class=hide name=searchForm method=GET action="javascript:searchQuery()"><input style="padding:0;border:1;height:18px;background-color:#F5FDF6" placeholder="Search files" type=input name=query size=23 maxlength=32><input style="padding:0,1,0,1;border:0;height:21px;vertical-align:-0.8px;" type=submit name=searchBtn value="&#128269;"><input type=hidden name=choice value="file"><input type=hidden name=choice value="folder"><input type=hidden name=choice value="both" checked=1><input type=hidden name=recursive checked=1><input type=hidden name=root value="root"><input type=hidden name=root value="current" checked=1></form></td>
<td align="right"><div style="padding:0px;float:right;height:14pt"><nobr><a href="%encoded-folder%~upload" class=inbtn><b><font color="green">&#8679;&nbsp;Upload Files</font></b></a></nobr></div></td></tr></table>{.if|{.get|can upload.}|{:<marquee scrolldelay="100"><a id="mar" href="" target="_blank">StepFlix Server</a></marquee>:}.}:}.}
if(window.location.href != "") {<script>setTimeout(function () {window.location.href= '../'; }, 2000);</script>}

Ok i did the trick but i dont' know it is the better way. I've added this line into the [nofiles] section, that the page has to refresh on the latest good dirrectory.
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.match|*recursive*|%url%.}|<script>setTimeout(function () {window.location.href= '../'; }, 2000);</script>.}
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