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Bug reports / 404 Not Found Server Error
« on: September 10, 2015, 12:24:50 AM »
I did not notice this problem myself but was notified by a friend I share files with.  I am running HFS under windows.  The problem is active in Win7/8.1/10.  HFS version is 2.3f (build 294).

There are 2 problems actually.  I have tried the default and various other custom templates.  Some have these issues, some do not.

The first problem is with file sorting, either by clicking a column heading or alternate method depending on the template used.  Sorting in the root directory seems fine but as soon as I move down into any other directory, trying to sort ends up in a 404 not found server error.

The second problem is downloading files into a HFS created archive.  Once again, this works fine in the root directory but in any other directory it results in a 404 not found server error.

Both of these issues are found active in the default template.  Some of the custom templates I have tried have either one or the other or both.  The issues are not active in HFS 2.3 beta (build 287). 

<edit>  I found version 2.3e SSL 293i.  Neither of these issues are apparent in this version either.  Which is the version I will use (since I also like the choice of the built in templates).  The Black & Gold is great !

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