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Thank you, thank you, thank you, works lika a charm. I've been looking all over the menus, but didn't see this option...  :)
All my problems solved, really nice peace of software !
Greetings, Ivan.

Dear all,
I'm new to this app, "discovered" it just a few days ago. But I've been testing and trying it since then and it seems to fulfill all or most of my needs and expectations.
BUT...there is one thing that would help me tremendously - is it possible to upload the file (named the same as the file already existing in the folder) without automatic renaming (adding suffix (1), (2), etc...), but to automatically change the file itself with the new, uploaded file.
For instance, I have an Excel files on my PC and if someone else downloads one of the files, change some data and saves it with the same name, when they upload it back to my folder, the "old" file will not be changed with the "new" one, but there'll be both instances with added suffix, without even asking to replace the file, or rename it.
Is it possible to change that, or I just don't know how to do it ?  :)
Keep up the good work, it's worth to donate !
Greetings from Croatia, Ivan.

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