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HTML & templates / Re: Multiple templates (based on browser)
« on: February 09, 2011, 11:10:16 PM »
With regards to mobile devices, as far as blackberry devices, or at very least the BB Curve 9330 uploads fail quite often. Looks like
they simply timeout but once changed the default template upload link to load with the upload status pane have not had any uploads fail. And we are talking failures amounting to >75%. And now I can upload the entire listing with pics and vids. I use HFS for remote access of my files. No data plan so I am one that uses wifi and has every wifi work around imaginable. This failure was in the BB browser, Opera Mini 5.1.22303, as well as Bolt browser. I've set up MIME just right that I can stream mp3 and BB compatable videos, of which I have few.Absolutely LOVE!!! This software using 2.2f because it gets the job done for what I needed.

In fact this was posted from my BB in Bolt browser.

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