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Hi! Can you please tell why you think HTTPS and SSL aren't secure enough? I'd really appreciate your opinion on this!

Hi gladysjenkins2019 I was suggesting to add these security measures, they ARE more secure than the current implementation(which is http).

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: New version: 2.3m
« on: September 18, 2018, 05:24:27 PM »
Great to see a new release :)
Been using this great software for two years now !

I have been using this software for quite a while now, and its all I ever wanted.
I used it alot to get files quickly from my computer, just by logging from a friends computer to my "noip" URL(something like "") which is THE most easy way I have ever found.
no fiddling around, not downloading any ftp clients, just as one imagines it should work. seamlessly! (It is a bit of a poweruser affair to set up the URL, but the Dynamic DNS updater is really great and really you should be knowing what your doing because its external stuff not managed by HFS[registering URL'S with "noip" and what not])
Just load the site, click on what you want to download. BOOM. Done. file is downloading pretty fast. I wish it was faster with my fiber connection but its really solid, even across countries!
Also I can just copy the name of the link of a certain movie file and paste it to VLC to instantly watch it. Awsome.
I also really like the option to log in and get access to files that only I want access to. its a bit confusing in the setting, there is quick "set user\pass" and also extensive privileges management which I didn't quite get.

In short: THANK YOU.
I hope you keep upgrading the software and get paid for it. I don't have the resources to donate as of this moment but believe me, when I do I'll donate what I can to see more updates!

Only things I would suggest:

-Adding some security in the form of HTTPS, SSL and other acronyms I have no clue about.

-Having the option to show hidden files PER FOLDER. right now its all or nothing. It could be done through the "flags" section("show hidden files" checkbox whom will override the global setting, that would be awsome!)
I suggest it will also be bound to a real folder. Lets say you have a folder called "Y" and that folder has 2 files, "regular_file" and "hidden_file". let's say "hidden_file" is a hidden file in windows.
I want to add it twice, meaning have a duplicate real folder for that folder called "Y". one of these real folders will be a just a regular folder with hidden files hidden because of the global setting("List files with <hidden> attribute NOT ticked). It will have access to anyone and will not have a password. The other real folder called "Y"(Its duplicate) will only show up when I log in(because of "list protected items only for allowed users") and will actually show me "hidden_file" because it will have the new "show hidden files" checkbox checked.
That way you have one instance of a folder with things hidden from public and another password protected instance of the same folder with its entirety, including hidden files.

-Having a modern, simplified graphical, fool-proof UI for idiots and people who appreciate simplicity and easy of use.

P.S, if this doesn't belong here, I'm sorry! please move my suggestions to the place where they deserve attention. But please still acknowledge my real from-the-heart gratitude!
Really looking foward to HFS 3, which I would LOVE to get a general idea to when approximately it will go live(like, two years realistically? I hope the answer is not "maybe never")
Have a good one and thank you for moving my files and saving my ass multiple times!

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